Mobile Pet Wash and Grooming Service

Our services are suitable for all breeds and crosses, large and small dogs (and puppies) but we cannot accommodate giant breeds. We provide anything from a shampoo and dry to a full clip and styling. Every groom includes a basic health check, claw clipping, eyes and ear cleaning as standard, specialist hand-stripping and scissor-finishes are available on request.

An average groom takes about two hours, specialist stripping and scissor finishes require a longer appointment. Grooming prices can vary according to size, breed, grooming-style and time involved.

Health check

Grrroomies looks to provide a relaxed experience for you and your pet. We are trained in spotting common ailments and problems that can occur by using a five-point health check:

  1. Ears, nose and eyes
  2. Teeth and oral hygiene
  3. Skin and coat – checking for fleas, parasites, allergies, eczema and other conditions
  4. Claws – clipped if necessary
  5. Anal glands – advice or treatment can be provided

We do not administer chemical treatments (e.g. flea drops) without your consent and will tell you about any health concerns we find.

Puppy Package – Introduction to grooming

When all inoculations have been completed, usually around 3 months of age we suggest you introduce your puppy to the grooming experience. This should be when they are recognising their name and starting to react to basic commands. The Puppy Package involves 3 introduction sessions, building up from having a bath, a gentle blow dry and adjusting to the noises and sensations of grooming which will help puppy relax at future visits These are gentle sessions lasting less than an hour, and may include claw trimming, ears cleaned, a brush, comb and a very light trim (only if required) mainly around the face, eyes and bottom. As soon as your puppy is fully inoculated, contact us to book your first introductory visit.

Grrroomies and Go – Bath, Brush and Dry

‘Grrroomies and Go’ – is mainly for dogs with matt free coats, it doesn’t include clipping or styling as it’s very much an ‘in/out’ service for dogs needing a good scrub up and walk away smelling nice.

Clip and trim

Clipping is generally recommended around every six to eight weeks, our treatments include a free consultation to assess the condition and character of your dog, any activities they get involved in, their overall appearance and comfort needs. This service includes:

Hand stripping

Hand stripping is recommended on wire-haired dogs such as Border and Irish Terriers, Schnauzers, some West Highland Terriers and other breeds with a tough and resilient outer coat. It takes a little longer to carry out this procedure but hand-stripping is recommended for the following reasons:

Hand-stripping involves removing dead hair and undercoat by hand which is more time consuming and labour intensive than just trimming with scissors or clippers. The cost of having your dog hand-stripped will depend on the time taken and size of the dog, however costs are reduced in the longer term as hand-stripping is not required as often as electric clipping.


Scissoring is ideally carried out every 4 – 5 weeks, and is a skilled procedure often used for show dogs to shape the coat to showing standards. Grooming does not remove as much hair as clipping but does take longer and this specialist finish is reflected in the price.

Health and safety

Safety is of paramount importance, for the dog and the groomer. It is essential that you inform us beforehand if your dog has ever bitten anyone or has a tendency to be aggressive. If we feel for any reason that it is unsafe to groom your dog we reserve the right to refuse our services.

Our staff have successfully completed a CPD certified Animal Aiders First Aid Course

Please be aware that when we complete our initial health checks we also check for fleas and other infestations. Should we find any, we may not be able to groom them at that time, if this is the case we will give you your dog back and advise you to take them to the vets to get flea treatment. Unfortunately, we will have to charge you as the van will need to be fully treated to avoid passing anything on to the next dog we groom. Once any infestation has been cleared, we would be happy to make another appointment with you.

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.